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akiy wrote:
Hi folks,

What do you think the state of the aikido community/world will be like in ten years?

-- Jun
Interesting as I was just thinking about this one in regards to my neck of the woods. The AANC has 3 divisions of which only one has a clearly defined successor that I see. I would imagine that if either of the other two were no longer with us there would be fragmentation in the organization. Personally, I don't see anyone likely to step into the vacuum that I would be interested in being under in any formal manner. Not that they aren't good Aikidoka but they just ain't the same thing. I'm only guessing but I'd bet that many folks would feel the same way.

I think I disagree with Ted on the idea of independent dojos. I think there will be more the further we get away from the first generation aikidoka (those who have trained with the founder). A lot of the glue in the Aikido world is the awe in which these people are held. Once that starts going away, and it will, I think the model will inevitably change into a much more fractured environment. I think we could look to karate and other arts for our future.

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