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I totally agree with George's response.

However, there are some more serious issues here. A lot of students get to a point where they think they know more than their instructors. Egos prevail on both sides of the fence. I do not feel it is appropriate to give as much information as you did about the details of your situation. First and foremost, you do not know what Toyoda Sensei felt about this person and he cannot be contacted since he is deceased. Second, it is pretty easy to figure out who your sensei is given an AAA website exists with names, etc. This is very disrespectful to someone who got you to 2nd kyu. You may have parted ways in your view points but this is not important. Kobayashi sensei is an 8th dan and hombu instructor. Obviously, he is going to give you some help in your technique. However, it sounds as if your ego made you want to prove something when you got back. On the mat, there can only be one person in charge. You were not it.
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