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I would like to commend you on an excellent article! It is noticed that you have put time and thought into the column.

This is the very issue I delt with for a long time at New Life Aikido in Jackson TN. I was approaching my 2nd kyu rank at the time when the Sensei (try not to mention names) was wrongfully devloping issues with me.

The sensei always forced my techniques, even during jiyu waza. I went to a seminar under Y. Kobayashi 9th dan and he was able to break me through the platou I was experiencing due to the nature of my training at New Life.

Well, the sensei did not like my new found technique, strength, and quickness. He said it was not aikido (bare in mind he is 2nd dan saying that a respected 9th dan was not teaching me aikido). He pulled me aside and told me to not do those techniques becuase it would hsow up his authority in class. Sounds like an ego problem to me??

Anyways, it got to where he could not handle me becuase I had started throwing sensei around whereas previously I would just let him role out of techniques. So you think a student (mudansha) so honeslty throw the sensei or treat him with utter lack of intensity?

What got me kicked out of the dojo was that he was letting a 15 year old practice in the adult class. I feel a minor should not be allowed to participate in an adult class unless he is able to provide the same level of intensity and protect himself. Don't you? I was doing a figure 8 kokyu nage and I knocked the breath out of the boyh because he did not slap the mats to break his fall. I got blammed, called out publicle, and called Steven Seagal! Needless to say I do not think highly of the sensei as I no longer train in his cult-like situation. (I said cult because the sensei only favors union university members due to the fact that he feels the are Christians and no one else is). A real werido this sensei is! Oh yeah, he is with the AAA. Toyoda-shihan did not even like him from what I seen!

Brad Medling
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