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You were trying to be nice ?

Listen man, I don't know who amputated your sense of humor and why they didn't use an anaesthetic, but it's NOT. MY. FAULT.

First you reply in a highly arrogant tone -

and just who do you think you are, that you're entitled to try and forbid another person from expressing themselves, because you don't find their jokes to be funny ?

Are you familiar with the term FUBAR ?

Dude, take your thorazine or whatever sedative you're supposed to take on regular basis, and just leave me the hell alone.

Take your pompous quotes with you, too.

lt-rentaroo wrote:

I was trying to be nice, maybe I was a bit rude. You must understand, I get a little concerned when folks make statements of that nature without (and excuse me if I'm wrong here) understanding fully what it is they are talking about. I'm guessing from the tone of your reply that you are probably about 15 years old, so I'll let the smart-ass tone slide. By the way, to quote a movie "Far more men, way better than you have rendered me that courtesy, don't disgrace them".
Have a nice day!

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