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Pardon me while I pose a question here. DiNalt, What makes you think that President Bush is going to initiate WW III with a "routine nuclear bombing"? There is no such thing as a "routine nuclear bombing". I don't want to seem rude here, but please don't write such gibberish on the forums. It's not funny and definitely not based on any facts. I can say this because I work for Air Force Space Command and we maintain the majority of the United States' nuclear weapons.


To answer your question, I think Aikido will continue to grow in popularity among the people of the world. I'm sure there will be changes in organizational leadership and perhaps even the emergence of some different "styles" of Aikido. Change is not always for the good, but that is why as Aikido students we train to adapt to the situation and overcome it. I'm looking forward to continuing my training through visiting other dojos and attending seminars. Perhaps we will meet at a Boulder seminar this year.

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