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Josh Bisker
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I'm making out great with mine. I think that it was one of the best purchases and investments I have made in a while. I sweat too in class (the dojo is a mat-floored squash court with no NO ventilation), and my gi stays in my bag when keiko is followed by a trip to the pub (which is almost always). It could make for some stinky gi syndrome or a need to do laundry more than i can afford to, but i have found that just hanging it up in an open space overnight leaves it nice and fresh feeling (and smelling) the next day. I train 3-4 times during the work week and it stays clean through it all as long as i hang the sucker up overnight, jacket and pants on different hangers in the open, with the belt on a door handle.

I got the thick kind and I love it. I'm a rather small guy, 5'7" 130-135, and I have the small sized gi which fits and feels wonderful. Compared to my last gi, a standard thick weave judo one which got hot like a blanket and never stayed tucked, I think it's just obviously a superior training tool. It helps me to maximize the mental and phsycial energy i put into the training, and it makes me more comfortable with my bearing on the mat. I am extraordinarily happy with it. Durable but not restricting, heavy but keeps away from the body when i start heating up, and if starched it becomes bulletproof (or so sensei tells me). I've only got the top; someday when the paychecks roll in easier maybe a pair of snazzy pants will join it, but so far so good.
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