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akiy wrote:
Sure we do. The first defition of "Art" (as a noun) in the Merriam-Webster dictionary is "1: skill acquired by experience, study, or observation <the art of making friends>." Only when we get down to the fourth defition of the word "art" does the word "creative" come into play.

Is writing an art? Does it have to be creative for it to be an art? I don't think so.

I know what you mean, though. A lot of the aikido out there seems too "cookie-cutter" to me. There really aren't that many people doing anything creative in the art.

-- Jun
Ok, Mr. Semantics.

Writing is an excellent example and you just triggered a bunch of ideas of which I'm going to share a couple. Aren't you all lucky?

In my perfect world, Aikido would be exactly like writing. You spend some time learning to print (drawing on lines) until you get solid with it and then you move into cursive which is much more creative. The problem as I see it is that cursive is almost never taught or practiced.

We print, print, print, print and then we print some more. Where do we learn the cursive? Hell there are styles that do jiyu waza in print form.

Worse, cursive in the body is very hard to implement after years of printing in my experience. Now if you focus on elements of posture, center and the like it seems to happen ok but only if you see and do cursive. If all you ever do is print even if from good form you lose/miss that creative element. And to me, that creative element is the interesting part.

I wonder if some people are threatened by creativity or maybe they were just never exposed to it? If someone told me I'd want to develop web pages on the front end, I'd have laughed at them 5 years ago but now here I am.

We just seem to never teach people to be creative. If the semantics there are bad then maybe it should read we don't help them explore being creative in this art form.

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