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Funny thing during class...

Once, a couple weeks ago, Sensei had shown us a technique we had not done before (or at least I didn't remember it). Anyways, with each new nage, Sensei would attack us first.

On my turn, he attacked and I didn't quite get it right. He pointed out something for me to correct and so I tried. Next attack, I go to throw him and WHAM! Down on the ground he goes like a freakin' rock!

I just KNEW I had hurt him or did something wrong. The look of shock on my face and the others nearby was hilarious (looking back on it). I asked sensei,"Oh my god... what happened? Are you alright? Did I do something wrong?" Meanwhile... he had rolled out of it, laughing the whole time, walking away shaking his head and saying "No... no! That was good! Do it again!"

Now if I could only remember what the hell I did!

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