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Hope your ijuries will heal soon!

As far as the original question goes:

NO, it is not normal.

I've visited about 10-15 aikido dojos and never seen a head instructor blaiming a new student for being injured.

In most of the places practicioners and instructors are very gentle with the beginners.

And if they don't know you(i.e. never trained with you before) they would assume that you are a beginner until they feel that you are not.

It is great to practice hard, fast, commmit 100% etc... but practicing this way with the beginner is not acceptable. You can practice like that with a more advanced student who is able to take it... if person is able to take it and wants to practice this way there is no problem. Yes they can be injured too, but they have enough skill to avoid injury, so the chance of injury is very small.

Beginner may not be able to prevent injury... so the chance of injury is very high.

If I were you, I would not go to that dojo to practice.

Good luck!
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