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I've heard of The Firm, but I'm not familiar with their material. From what you've described, it seems quite sensible.
I have no clue what any of that means in the link you provided?
Well, it's common for people to wonder how "fit" they are. The link was a listing of various activities. You can then see what category the author of the list would place that in.

For example, running an 8 minute mile is "nuthin' to be ashamed of", while running a 4.5 minute mile (or less) would get the "holy S***" rating.

The lifts are indicated by percentage of bodyweight. So, for me, a 165 pound male, a "nuthin' to be ashamed of" deadlift would be 1.5 (number in the table) * 165 (my weight) = 247.5 pounds. The "holy s***" rating would be 3.5 (table factor) * 165 = 577.5 pounds

It's all for motivational purposes, not something to beat yourself up over.... And it's based on the assumption of a 220 pound (or less) male athlete and on absolute strength. Thought it might be fun to check out, but YMMV.

Aikido requires a special sensitivity that heavy weightlifting will be counterproductive to ,so it's a delicate matter.

First off "heavy" is subjective. What is "heavy" now, should not be heavy a year from now given a proper training routine. In short, a beneficial exercise program improves fitness.

Secondly, anyone thinking that developing world class weightlifting (by which I presume you mean Olympic lifting) doesn't require sensitivity is seriously mistaken.


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