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Thanks Paul,

I could easily be one of the success stories over at The FIRM website. (Those are real people and not fitness models or people hired to do a "study".) I could really pitch it but I'll save you all from my informerial-esq pitch.

But, here's a breif synopsis of my story. In December 2001 I got up 195 pounds after maintaining at 180 for about two and half years, getting close to passing 200 pounds ... again. I'm 5'5" and yes, that was clinically obese. I couldn't even finish my 4th kyu test, 3rd kyu was pretty difficult, too, stamina wise. I'm 160 now and working on getting to a healthy weight and applying a healthy eating lifestyle. My 2nd kyu test was a breeze as far my stamina was concerned.

I have no clue what any of that means in the link you provided? I do mostly light weights with high reps. My heaviest weight is 16 pounds (two 8 pound dumbells) doing high steps (leg presses on the 14" step). I use 12 pounders for french press. The FIRM uses a lot of circuit intervals implementing P.H.A.T. (Peripherial Heart Action Training) and supersetting. Not to mention the aerobic parts includes typical step and aerobic moves (toe touches and mambas mixed in with plyos and jumping jacks). There's a great stretch at the end of each video using Yoga-type moves.

Anne Marie Giri
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