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Ted Marr
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Ted Ehara-

Perhaps you misunderstand me. I wasn't claiming to know anything about what O Sensei did or did not do as part of his training regimen. I can't claim first hand knowledge of it, so I just leave it be. Instead, I was trying to account for a way that two conflicting viewpoints could be reconciled, since each had some vague support.

That, and you totally missed my point.

One of my major points was that just hitting someone might not be the "atemi" that O Sensei, or Tohei wasn't so keen on. Now, if you were to say that either of these people routinely hit people with multiple pressure point strikes in such a way as to cause knockouts before throwing thier ukes, then you would be justified in telling me that I am full of it. Until then, it'd be nice to keep the discussion down to the level of point and counterpoint without personal attacks.
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