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Mr Ehara,

What would count as facts here?

My own post offered some evidence that Mr Koichi Tohei did not take atemi out of aikido, which is what you asked in your original post. Or if he did in his own classes in the Hombu, this did not extend to the whole Aikikai. As for Mr Sadao Yoshioka, the quoted discussion with Mr Lau does not make clear whether he himself had any conversations about atemi with Morihei Ueshiba. If not, the question then arises whether videos, possibly of demonstrations, are a reliable indication of daily training.

Of course, as with any of the other intriguing questions about Morhei Ueshiba's life and practice, the best thing would be to ask him directly. Failing this, we have to ask those who knew him and were taught by him. In this latter case, it seems very much to depend on whom you talk to.

Then there is the question whether Morihei Ueshiba's own training, up till the end of his life, is a reliable indication of what I should do, for example, in my own training. For example, I understand from talking to those who knew him that towards the end of his life, Morihei Ueshiba stopped using weapons and performng kata, but this is no reason for anyone to abandon the training they received in Iwama.

I, too, am interested in discovering facts about Morihei Ueshiba and have been searching for several years. Unfortunately, those who possess evidence strong enough to count as fact here are diminishing in number and unfortunately are not in the habit of posting on web discussion boards.

Best regards,

P A Goldsbury
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