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Anne Marie Giri (giriasis) wrote:
I agree with everyone else, you train at your partner's skill level. And I don't know why you were allowed in a testing prepatory class. We have those for people testing for 1st kyu up, and believe me they are intense. Only 2nd kyu and up are allowed to attend.
She wasn't clear on that - I understood any kyu grade. Didn't even cross my mind that it would mean only for 1st Kyu and up.
I think what Peter is getting at is that we still have the responsibility to protect our own saftey. Please...please don't forgo your intuition when you walk into a dojo. It's okay to speak up and say something.
That's basically it.

Every one of my classes has about 30 minutes of test preparation - about 15 minutes where you are paired with a more advanced student to help you and 15 minutes where you are grouped within your level. Beginners are preparing for their first exam starting day one. I really have difficulty in seeing test preparation as inherently more dangerous or more advanced. Of course that might not be the case everywhere.

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