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Drat, I'd meant to post this earlier, but Selkie's beaten me to it and made my reply somewhat redundant. *tickles Selkie playfully* Here are my two hundred yen anyway.

Peter Rehse: Firstly, I will admit that when I read your reply, the Eyebrow of Cynicism went up, especially when you asked, 'Did you just lay there and wait to get stepped on?'. It is not my intention to quibble over details, but rather to make all relevant factors known.

Regarding your dojo environment -- I've noticed the location you're posting from, and I think I can reasonably say that the standard of training is quite different over here, both in style and societal mindset. I'm not saying either is bad, merely different enough that they can't be compared on equal footing. You are truly fortunate to have a place in which your students mesh well.

When you said 'You can train hard without causing injury', I was in complete agreement; however, we are discussing a newbie who didn't yet know anything well enough *to* train hard, certainly not the way to which you appear accustomed. Consider also these two questions she had before she was injured in the waza:

1) I have often talked myself out of doing things due to an unreasoning doubt of my own abilities, even when I would be perfectly capable of doing the activities. Would this be one of those times?

2) Would Sensei give me an exercise if he didn't think I was ready to do it?

Quote: '...a student who doesn't recognize the danger signs.' While Selkie is far from stupid, I'm not sure how she'd be able to do this when she has no basis for comparison. This was her first experience with martial arts.

Giancarlo DiPierro: Thank *you* for posting! Aikido's jo work was something we had no information on; your insight and the link were extremely helpful. As you can see, I've already given it to Selkie. Again, thank you very much.

Craig Hocker: Thank you so much for your kind words to Selkie. I'm now quite thoroughly jealous of your students and both Selkie and I wish you were here, because we'd love to have you for a teacher. Alas, Houston's even more of a stretch to commute to than Ontario. Hm...I hear AirCanada has a nonstop flight to Houston -- you planning on visiting anytime soon?

Selkie told me she intends to visit her dojo very soon to ask what seems to be the universal question of what she was doing in such an advanced class that was clearly beyond her immediate focus and capabilities. Whether their response proves a satisfactory one or not, I wish her the best of luck.

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