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Many times within my dojo the subject of atemi is raised. I believe that the use of atemi is critical in the application of Aikido technique, but the question is what do we mean by atemi? O'Sensei spoke of taking the centre of an opponant before the conflict has begun. This I believe takes a great deal of spiratual discipline. In his latter years O'Sensei is seen Kiai-ing and entering, his Kiai was so powerful, it became his attemi-I think what you are really searching for is the word intent - if your opponant truely believes that you are commited to the attemi 100% he will move to escape what he believes is the devistating blow - one that will never come. He will, I assure you be off balanced enough to complete any technique on. When you learn or teach atemi, dont let it deteriorate into a boby movent that is part of the technique, a hand here, a fist there, but rather let the intent of your action penetrate to the soul of your opponant, strong Zanshin will overcome even the strongest of attackers. A point of interest, you said that Lau had applied joint locks properly - this point is rather mute as corrctness is in the eye of the beholder, obviously the techniques were not applied properly, or the outcome may have been different - but once again this is just my humble opinion - control the situation by controling the energy and spirit of the situation, not the physical situation - the bigger man will most likley win the physical confrontation.

He who knows others is wise,
He who knows himself is enlightened
He who overcomes others is strong,
He who overcomes himself has true strength.
Lao Tsu Dao De Jing 33
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