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Roger Marks (Roger C. Marks) wrote:
Although I returned the reply 21-25 minutes, this only relates to what may be termed specific warm up movements but in truth the warm up continues to include preparatory work for techniques to follow. This may extend the warm up another 30 minutes or more. But maybe the whole of the session is a warm up? (2 hours).
I replied with 15 minutes of warm-ups. These include self-stretches and rolling. For the most part, once the instructor includes a new portion into this regimen, I consider that to be the beginning of class. Oftentimes, the

instructor begins class with a stretch leading into falls. Although I may be

familiar with the terminoology and possibly the technique, each time I try to treat as new; new conditions such as mindset, fellow students, even surroundings, change the dynamic of the movement shown. With this

possibility, I suppose even stretching would be a new experience each time. However, with

those first fifteen minutes, both the mind and the body have time to prepare further for interacting with other minds and other bodies (hopefully, joined). In addition, those warm-ups serve their initial purpose. Once that is done, all else is exercise.

--I apologize for the amateur nature of this reply. This is my first post and will try to refine this reply in the future.
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