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Paul Melsness
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Ki Symbol Aikido and Yoga

Hi everyone,

This is my first thread on the Aikiweb forums although I've been reading it ever since starting Aikido 2 years ago.

This is a wonderful resource!

My wife has recently started taking yoga and has been telling me how wonderful she feels afterward (being a dance teacher she has her share of chronic pain from years of ballet). I've noticed a lot of injuries that can result from years of Aikido (specifically in the knees and other joints) and have been intrigued with the idea of augmenting my training with some yoga. I figured I would probably be one of those aikidoka that end up with bad knees eventually anyways due to a condition (Patella Femoral Syndrome)

I'm wondering if there are any aikidoka out there who are also yogis/yoginis and if you find that yoga compliments your aikido training (especially with regards to joint health).


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