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Yann Golanski wrote:
Randori and other forms of competitions are just tools for me to learn. Hence, everytime I do it I learn therefore I win.
I like this guy.

One of the mental aspects of Tomiki's system is to overcome the kyousou and adopt the attitude expressed by Yann. Under the right circumstances (ie. a good teacher) it is surprisingly easy. Like all things in Aikido some need to work harder than others to achieve it but from very early on in the training the need is made clear.

Like the Aikido waza themselves, testing the concept under trying circumstances let's you know exactly where you stand. Your ego is challenged both physically and mentally.

Based on personal experience and observation the attitude expressed by Yann will improve your Aikido far faster than the win at all costs attitude that so many wrongly ascribe to people that do shiai. Randori is the chance to experiment and discover new strengths and weaknesses.

Peter Rehse Shodokan Aikido
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