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Losing the drive?

Hi all,

Don't know how to describe what I'm talking about other than I've lost the drive to go to aikido lately. I don't think it's anything specific, I just can't find the motivation to make the drive every other night to go to the dojo. Part of the problem I think is that I'm in a money crunch right now and transportation is not free where I live. But if that were the only thing, I'm pretty sure I could car-pool with somebody. It's more like the surge of energy I used to get from keiko is not there anymore. I don't feel energized anymore, just tired. Is this some indication that I'm losing the small grasp I had of aikido? I know this sounds trivial to some, but aikido is one of the best things to happen for me in a long while, and I don't like the idea of losing out on the satisfaction it once gave me. Any insight will be welcome.

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