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Hello again everybody,

Getting back to defense against kicks I'd like to point out a few other attacks that are not normal.

Shooting the legs. Anyone who has ever sparred a wrestler on his/her terms knows what I'm talking about. I realize this is a grappling attack but I've yet to discover a method of defending against someone shooting my legs other than my knee in their face. (which I can't do during a friendly sparring match, much to my dismay)

Inside snap kicks. These hurt. Watch out for a quick snap kick to the inside of the thigh when your opponent advances or retreats. These kicks won't drop you but they will wear you down eventually.

Outside snap kicks aimed at the sciotic nerve. You may think this kick is a feint because it isn't aimed at the knee or the floating ribs. When I asked my kempo instructor to go full strength on the target area (I didn't believe him when he said it would drop me), it dropped me. Leg went numb and I lay on the floor for 5 minutes while others learned from my lesson.

Now in a real fight people get hurt. As it was explained to me once, "Choose where you let your opponent hit you, and you choose where you hit your opponent." If an opponent is willing to kick my leg and let himself inside my range for a bone break or joint lock, I'll take a bruised thigh and he'll wear a cast. I know my attitude isn't very "aikido" but I won't be taking lessons until the end of this year (I have an instructor lined up for when I exit the Army).

And can call me Sarge.


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