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Thank you so much for your replies, everyone. I have tears on my face because you are all so kind and because it is such bad news. I know you are correct; you're only confirming to me something that I had been suspecting I should do -- ask for my money back and leave.

Lynn Seiser: I agree, accidents happen, especially in crowded conditions. That is why I'm not nearly so upset over my trampled hair, though it tore my scalp. That I can file under "normal hazard risk".

Mary Kuhner: Thank you so much for posting. Your post is especially meaningful to me because my dojo is a Ki Society. It is, unfortunately, the only Ki Society in my province and near as I can tell, the only place in the province to teach Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido. I don't know of any other local schools offering any styles of Ki Aikido, which is what I had wanted to learn (in addition to jo. I like jo.)

Guy Stevens: I *had* been having fun -- my first two classes, taught by two different junior sensei, were very enjoyable and paced more slowly, with only one or two waza covered. The last two classes (I've only had four) were taught by the dojo founder, the senior sensei, and were very, very fast-paced, packing six and eight waza respectively. That's why this is so very upsetting to me -- I'd been enjoying it greatly; now I'm afraid to go back.

Anonymous User: You sound exactly like my friend the Tae Kwon-do sensei -- she's just as outraged and for the same reasons. I'll point out that no one was indifferent to the fact that I was hurt; the people who trampled my hair were horrified. Being scolded by the sensei was embarrassing to me, but also made me indignant: Maybe an experienced uke can keep an eye on their surroundings while being marionetted up, down and around in the space of ten seconds, but one of four lessons, I think that's asking a little much. When I left the dojo that night, I was unaware that I had injured my neck badly. My scalp was hurting more than my neck was; I thought my neck was just a little strained. It was the next morning, when I woke up almost unable to move, that I learned it had been sprained.

Michael Hackett: Thank you for making me smile. Perhaps I *should* take up bomb disarmament - I hear there's good money in it

Taras Poltorak: I'm uncertain whether there have been other incidents like mine; as I said, it was only my fourth class. In this case, there were two nage stationed to do the throws, and everyone else was uke, being thrown from a running start - lots of momentum there. I have wondered why I haven't seen any other belt colours between blue and black; I'd thought perhaps the more senior sempai go to the Saturday classes (which I can't attend), but I've since started wondering more deeply :-P

Ignacio Jaramillo: I think your dojo's method sounds very sensible.

Thank you all for your words. This is very crushing to me because I had been having fun, and because this is the only dojo I can find that teaches the ki aikido that I want to learn. I can excuse my torn scalp, and even a sprained wrist or ankle would be aggravating but allowable.. but my neck? I'm forced to agree, I really have to wonder if this is a warning shot for me. I don't *want* to give it up, but you all are right -- the next time could be paralyzing. I don't want to learn ki aikido *that* badly. I guess I'll go ask for a refund, tomorrow.

Thank you again

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