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Josh Bisker
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Taras Poltorak (taras) wrote:
Can I ask is it the only incident in the dojo or do they happen often? Do they happen only when you uke for certain students or is it a common thing? one is perfect...

Try to speak to your instructor personally, when they have time to listen to your concerns ... while it is not really acceptable, everyone is only a human.

Come on guys, have faith in your fellow Aikidokas! Everyone is learning, including our instructors.

I hope this situation will not put you off Aikido.
I want to agree with Taras here, not only in the advice given but in the nature of the post itself. I think that the suggestions here urge a moderation in action, an openness and understanding about the path of interaction, and a calmness about the situation; and alongside these qualities still exists the idea of looking out for what's best for you. I agree that while the stuff you described did not sound like an acceptable practice environment, maybe there are productive steps to investigate before bailing completely. Talk to your sensei, or maybe send him an email or a note with your concern written out. I have often found in situations like this that the chance to structure my thoughts on paper was helpful to my goal. I guess it can allow you to make sure you express everything you want to without being confrontational about it. Just a suggesstion though.

It seems like you are already treading very mindfully, and good for you dude, that's what we're all looking to do, i think. So keep on that path of communication and it seems like you'll do just fine.
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