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Re: Question regarding an incident during early aikido

() wrote:
I was then scolded by sensei for letting myself be stepped on.
That seems so wrong to me.

As a beginner, I spent about 50% of my brain going "where do my feet go?" & the other 50% thinking "ok, it's a roll, please God don't let me die".

As a beginner, you've got enough to worry about just telling your left feet apart. Your sensei should know better than to blame you for something like that. Besides, scolding your beginners is not how you keep them...

If it was all juniors together, he has no one to blame but himself for not paying attention or not having a senior supervise.
() wrote:
You guessed it, I did not catch myself correctly, but was unaware at the time that I had done myself any injury. Another newbie (this was his first lesson) landed badly on his knee and twisted it, in the same waza.
Once again, poor supervision by the instructor for not seeing that the students were having obvious dificulty with the techniques being practised.
() wrote:
I went home with a torn scalp from having my hair stepped on, and later learned that I had sprained my neck. While I can accept my torn scalp as a hazard of martial arts practice, I don't feel at all good about my sprained neck.
The torn scalp is unfortunate, but will occasionally happen. If you have long hair, there is a small chance that it can be stepped on.

As for the neck, you shouldn't feel good about it.

I'd imagine that most people who have trained in Aikido for more than a couple of years will have had a neck scare or 2 with bad landings, but the whole scenario as you described it sounded like a disaster waiting to happen.
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