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Re: Re: Re: Systema and Atemi

George S. Ledyard wrote:
In general when you have a partner who doesn't get it, you simply move on to another partner. It's not your job to correct someone else's problems unless that person is your student. It's their teacher;s job to fix it. It's your job to train and understand what is happening in order to grow. Sometimes it is the restraint that is the best education.
Ledyard Sensei, is it wrong to just go ahead and apply the atemi? In the past I had problems with some techniques because I was told that I was being "too nice", i.e. I was applying atemi but missing the target on purpose because my partner wasn't moving. So I was taught to just go ahead and land the atemi, if they didn't move out of the way then it was their problem. Now I don't mean to say that I strike my partner's head as fast and as hard as I can but I put real intent behind the atemi which seems to really help my technique.

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