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Re: Question regarding an incident during early aikido

Anonymous poster wrote:
I am a very new member of my dojo and the incident occurred during my fourth lesson. ... I was then scolded by sensei for letting myself be stepped on. ... We had one practice of forward rolling, and I did inform sensei that I had never done a martial arts roll before. ... About few waza later, we were then to be thrown in a waza that required us to run at the nage, be thrown, and roll from a run. ... Another newbie (this was his first lesson) landed badly on his knee and twisted it, in the same waza. ... I went home with a torn scalp from having my hair stepped on, and later learned that I had sprained my neck.
Let me make this as clear as possible. You are in the wrong dojo. I don't know where you practice or who this teacher is, but I sincerely hope that this is not happening in a mainstream Aikikai dojo. If it is, feel free to contact me privately and I will look into it. I suspect that there is much more wrong at this place than you even realize, and you will be well served to get out now before things get worse.
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