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This is absolutely unacceptable. It is an instructor's responsibility to ensure the safety of those who are studying under him/her. This is especially critical when working with someone new. If this was some fast paced high-level training thing then it should have been made clear to you that that was the case and that you could not practice. If you were allowed to be there then your instructor should have taken measures to make sure that you were not hurt (as should have those with whom you were practicing, although the instructor is primarily culpable). Was this the head instructor leading class, or was it a senior student? If it was a senior student, speak with the head instructor. This was absolutely not your fault. If this was the school's primary instructor then do not go to this school anymore. I am speaking as a long time aikido practioner and one who likes to see others come to the art. I have injured people in class before or had people injured while I was instructing class. On every occasion I felt horrible, and apologized profusely. On most of those occasions I was scolded or once even punched by my instructors when they found out. While I think it possible to chalk this up to inexperience of the instructor, I think it reprehensible that he had the audacity to blame you.
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