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Hence my question: Is that normal practice in any style of aikido, to have rank newbies participate in exam-prep classes?
It can be done and done safely. The thing is to be conscious that you are working with a beginner and not hammer them like a 10-year veteran. Apparently this dojo decided that since you were on the mat you had to take whatever was given and that was that. So, it's possible the exam prep exacerbated a problem but the real problem is a bunch of careless twits.
I feel very apprehensive of returning to the dojo, also very apprehensive of getting scolded again for something that I'm really not sure should be my fault.
Aikido is not a survivor contest where everyone gets thrown in and has to survive whatever comes their way. You learn and grow into the more complex and dangerous stuff regardless of whatever else is going on. This didn't happen and the responsibility, in my opinion, lies with whomever was teaching the class and the school's owner. Assuming your story is what happened this exemplifies carelessness and not owning up to their responsibility.

I might talk to the head instructor but I'd be surprised if there would be any resolution other than leaving and not looking back. I might do other things too depending on my mood over the whole issue.
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