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Re: Re: Systema and Atemi

Don J. Modesto (Don_Modesto) wrote:
How do you suppose that would go over at a seminar with an unknown partner?

(Sorry. I love the point, it's one I make myself, but there's just this little devil sitting up on my to my good ear...)
Happens all the time. I was recently at a seminar in which Saotome Sensei was meeting a ryote tori attack by simutaneously deflecting the two grabs outswrds and grabbing the head. My partner, who is senior to me insisted on pulling her arms away and jumping back. The problem from her standpoint was that when she did so she drew me right into her unprotected center. She had already committed to the attack. It wasn't possible to escape without being struck by the atemi. I, of course showed the atemi but didn't land it. She looked at me as if there was something wrong with my technique. Whether she understood what had happened wasn't my problem. I knew I had her. That was enough.

There are occasions in which you simply have to do the atemi. I had a student do a nidan test in which an uke refused to acknowledge an atemi that was literally in his face. My student was trying to be kind by not landing the atemi but that required that the uke would acknowledge it. When he didn't he put the students whole randori at risk. I had warned my student that this might happen and that if it did he needed to nail the uke in order to get an honest response but the student wouldn't do it and consequently his randori was ruined by this uke.

In general when you have a partner who doesn't get it, you simply move on to another partner. It's not your job to correct someone else's problems unless that person is your student. It's their teacher;s job to fix it. It's your job to train and understand what is happening in order to grow. Sometimes it is the restraint that is the best education.

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