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Greg Jennings
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Jim23 wrote:
Thanks for the links.
Da nada. I thought you'd appreciate knowing about the different name tags and affiliations.

At the deeper level, however, I absolutely agree with Jun about "Aikido is Aikido".


I looked at your site and found the monthly price a bit high.
You visited our site and didn't leave a message in the guest book? I'm wounded to the quick.

As it says in our FAQ, , we don't have any expenses so we don't charge anything.


The club's style wasn't mentioned. Was this intentional? Iwama-ryu?
Yes, it was intentional and I've taken the "Iwama Style" that you mention later out of my signature. I must have been having an off day when I included that in there.

Given that we're not concerned with marketing, our thought has always been to indicate our lineage and let people draw their own conclusions. You'll find our lineage on .

Best Regards,

Greg Jennings
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