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I see. Yes, that is a valid point. You know, I think it would be beneficial to the art and to the students and teachers.

What is the Aikido Journal Expo in Vegas, after all, but an Aikido Demonstration Competition without handing out awards for winners. Each year we get the videos and sit around and see what the demonstrations amount to... Everybody holds up place cards in their mind givings scores and laughing or applauding...

I just thought it might be time to recognize it for what it is and revel in it. (not Vegas, that has it's own value) but the idea that we cannot do Aikido, therefore we could demonstrate Aikido. It goes back to the idea that we cannot mitigate a broken neck. We cannot mitigate a broken wrist or fractured tibia. So we can demonstrate what we do with accomplished ukes and let it be judged by a decent panel of judges.

And, once more, have fun.

You know, one of my best students ever, this is about twenty five years ago, was chosen for the Olympic team in Judo. He did not get to go because Jimmy Carter was an idiot, but that aside, he was thrilled to be able to represent our country in the Olympics.

People like competition, as least some do.

So this might be something that could bring a little 'Unit Integrety' into the dojo. Something that helps tie us all together.

Years ago, Hooker Sensei's students made the mistake of refering to my students as 'Linden's Thugs'! We have been having a lot of fun ever since!

Daniel G. Linden
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