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How about Demonstration Competition?

I have always wanted to sponser a kind of competition, something that would spice up seminars and bring a lot of fun to annual gatherings.

Why not Demonstration Competition? Think of it as Gymnastics or Figure Skating on an aikido level.

You have a panel of judges. You have different dojos bring a practiced team to put on a demonstration. There are rules which require certain technique be included. There is latitude for creativity. If people can judge figure skating, gymnastics, et al then I have to believe Aikido demonstraion competition would bring a whole new excitement to seminars. Limit top people to sandan, weapons division, open dividion, etc. Women's teams, Junior teams, anything...

Most important, it would be fun and still be Aikido. And for a change you might get to win something. I'd put up a Champion's Cup that could be presented and passed arround.

Who knows, maybe it could eventually cross association lines. The Super Bowl of Aikido Competition IV ASU Vrs The Federation.

Have fun.

Daniel G. Linden
Author of ON MASTERING AIKIDO (c) 2004
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