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Sitting in a bar....

These two men were sitting in a bar. One turns to the other and says, "You look fit, do you work out? The othe says "Yes, I train at Aikido." The first says "No, I train at aikido too! Bartender, a pair of drinks for two men who train at Aikido!"

After a while the first man says, "Where did you first learn Aikido?" The second man says, "In New York." The first "No! I trained in New York! Bartender, another pair of drinks for two men who trained in New York!"

After a bit the first man says, "How old are you, you seem as fit as I do, and I'm 41.?"
The second man says, "No! I'm 41! Bartender! Another pair of drinks for two Aikidoka who are 41 years old."

The bartender passes back and forth and keeps hearing the two going on and on... "You went to St Marys? I went to St. Marys!" "You knew Sensei Dobson? I knew Sensei Dobson!"

After a while the owner of the bar calls and asks him how things have been going for the night. He says fine and that he'd close up except the O'Brian twins are here and they're drunk again...

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