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Ted Ehara (tedehara) wrote:
If you're indicating that the attacker strikes, then yes - the Ki Society teaches atemi for the attacker. However the person doing the aikido technique - the nage - is not suppose to be striking.

In techniques when atemi was used, it might be indicated with an open hand. But in any taigi situation nage is not expected to "bop" their partner.
I guess we have different experiences of Taigi 19. When uke attempts to punch me and I as nage side step to the outside and sweep his punching arm past and strike at his head with shomenuchi, I personally would call that using an atemi whether or not I actually struck him, but I guess that is just me.

I can think of any number of atemi that I have been taught by senior Ki Society teachers over the years.

My take on it is we simply don't do atemi when it would upset the rhythm of the throw and generally in my experience we are moving to a position relative the uke that makes a counter strike impossible (at least very hard). When we move inside we definitely do atemi.

But you post about the quote from Bernie Lau was interesting and I would still be interested in what anyone knows.


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