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Ted Ehara (tedehara) wrote:
If you're indicating that the attacker strikes, then yes - the Ki Society teaches atemi for the attacker. However the person doing the aikido technique - the nage - is not suppose to be striking.
OK. I was under the impression that in taigi 19 with such techniques as "Munetsuki Kokyunage Uchiwanage Kubikiri (neck cut)," "Munetsuki Kokyunage Zempo Nage Yokomenuchi," "Munetsuki Kokyunage Uchiwanage Menuchi," and "Munetsuki Kokyunage Shomenuchi" being included that they would be considered atemiwaza.
In techniques when atemi was used, it might be indicated with an open hand. But in any taigi situation nage is not expected to "bop" their partner.
What if the same techniques that I listed above were practiced outside of a taigi situation?

-- Jun

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