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Janet Rosen wrote:
In middle age I need to do these things.
Heh. I'm 18 and I strain something whenever I don't warm up properly. I think it depends just as much on the person as on age. Our warmups tend to be 10 to 20 minutes in themselves, but I like to do 10 mins of my own beforehand - just so that my ankles/knees don't suffer from seiza, for instance.

At my home dojo in Latvia, sometimes half the class would pass in 'warmups' (50 to 60 mins) - because it would be a beginner class with everybody learning to roll & sometimes doing strength building exercises across the mat. It was sometimes frustrating, but everyone could always use the practice - I think warming up by ukemi, after a minimum of preparatory warm-ups (heh, nice term, that), is a very good way to do warmups - you get to improve your rolls and get ready for class at the same time. . .
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