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According to the book,"Aikido Shugyo: Harmony in Confrontation", Shioda Sensei relays that O'Sensei taught,"In a real fight, Aikido is 70 percent atemi and 30 percent throwing."

This ratio is often tossed around at seminars and in the dojo. You'll find it at various places on the internet, etc. but now I have a written source to refer to regarding it.

Instead of thinking that O'Sensei took out atemi from aikido, I'd ask where it was written or taught that he did? Who said it? Did they have the authority to say that? Do they have a resource backing up that idea?

In my dojo, we learn atemi. There are various definitions of it, but I think the complete absence of it is a HUGE mistake and that ANYONES aikido will fail in a true fight without the use of atemi.

1) Figure out the true definition of atemi.
2) Realize the purpose behind it.
3) Look for source materials (O'Sensei, Doshu, etc.) that clarify and do not listen to verbal communication on it unless it is your immediate sensei. Then follow up with questions if you have them.

I'm not rude if I have a question, I just wanna know stuff. Don't argue... ask and then listen. Good luck!

That's my 2 cents.

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