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DiNalt wrote:
The "people in funny pajamas" and the "strange things they do" is what is commonly referred to as "training".

When an individual comes out of "training", they ideally take what they got, outside - for example many people strive to be able to be always "Aiki", which obviously includes being "Aiki" OUTSIDE of the dojo.

Same applies to the techniques, and ukemi.
Getting testy are we? Ok, I was being a smart ass but I figured of all people (other than Jim23).

Everything I've been taught and practiced, at least in regards to rolling, has worked fine off the mat. It's passed every test it's needed to and with flying colors. The only thing I have not done is take a high fall on concrete (I've done grass) and I hope never to try that one.

In regards to your rolls, I still think it's an angle issue but without seeing what you are doing it's really hard to say as I don't have this problem. Out of curiousity what do your sempai and instructors say?

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