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Gabriel A
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Dave Miller wrote:
In my dojo, we try to have everyone train with everyone else. That means that the tallest person ends up doing techniques with the shortest person and everything in between. This helps to make sure that you can effectively perform the technique on anyone, regardless of height and weight, etc. At that point, gender makes little difference. The only thing that segregates us on the mat is level of ability. (i.e. we don't practice upper-rank techniques on lower-rank aikidokas.)

IMHO, that is how it should be. This is how you learn the technique most fully and effectively. It's one thing to practice with the same person for years and get really good with them. It's another thing entirely to get to where you can work with anyone of any size and/or height and still work effectively.
Dave, I totally agree!

By the way I want to piont out the change that DG Linden has had (even if I don't agree with you). This has helped us share different views and my opinion it shows how important it is to train with different people.

Well just a piece of my mind

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