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DiNalt wrote:
Why ? Because I don't see any useful purpose to the rolls unless I can do them properly on real surfaces.
What about when those people wearing the pajamas and funny looking skirts do strange things to you? Does rolling help you then? Huh, smart guy?

The pain comes from it pressing against my kidney(s) at the point in time when that point of my back makes contact with the surface...
I'm guessing your roll is defective in some way. You probably aren't doing a good job with the shoulder to the hip but without seeing it I can't say for sure. Is your belt facing the front?

Personally, I hate hard surfaces and won't roll on them to just roll on them. I've gone over the handlebars on my mountain bike (more than once), fallen on concrete several times and rolled so well most folks didn't even notice it. I guess what I'm saying is that the ukemi I was taught on the mat has proved itself in the real-world, so I'll stick to the mat.

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