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Daniel Linden (DGLinden) wrote:
To answer your question, Mr. Fox - yes! This bothers me! This gets in the way! Flirty men have occasionally transformed my aikido practice into a social/personal liability, an opening through which someone with very few social skills can gain a captive audience for his ministrations.
Sounds like you aught to be screening on maturity level, not the presence of the meat & 2 veg.

As for single sex anythings, they seem a little archaic, neh?

Assiciations like Scouts/Guides that were created over 100 years ago are a product of their time, but do single-sex dojo/country-clubs, gyms or whatevers these days have an excuse?



<still trying to figure out how to do ryote mochi with a brandy glass in 1 hand>

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