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Now we are entering the realm of possibilities - and again faith is based on experience.

Picture Jun on his first day in Juggling class - picking up and then dropping one club. The teacher is effortlessly juggling the seven clubs while sipping tea and humming Wagner. Jun is no way fathoms he could ever get so close but that student over there with three clubs - now I could do that.

A few months later (Jun is a fast learner) he's able to juggle three clubs and although not quite managing Wagner - the theme from Born Free works nicely. He hates tea. Now he might have hit a plateau (its the tea Jun) based on experience he can form a belief that he can eventually get to where he wants to go.

If as a beginner he set his sites on the Master Juggler the development of belief would probably have failed and he would have done something else - just as silly- like Aikido or something.

Peter Rehse Shodokan Aikido
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