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Separate genders/ASU/Mr. Linden, et al

Regarding the thread on separate gender training, I would agree it is Mr. Linden's dojo, he can train whomever he chooses. I agree with many who point out his rationale is really no different from those who say "I choose not to train African Americans, Jews, or White Protestant males". It is his choice, prejudiced though it may be. It is also our choice to see it for what it is. I whole heartedly agree with Cindy--obviously, Mr. Linden is not a good choice to instruct females anyway. Were he the ONLY instructor in town, he would still be an unwise choice for a female to learn from--he obviously has some unresolved issues of his own that need fixing first. I would say anyone who calls himself a 'man's man' is broadcasting his problems.

Regardless, I think we should focus what we think of this prejudice not on Mr. Linden, who is not going to change, and instead look at what we ourselves are supporting: Mr. Hooker would not let anyone train in his dojo who notices Mr. Linden is prejudiced? ASU accepts dojos into their ranks that are prejudiced? Are those people we want to give monetary support? Just as Mr. Linden can have his prejudiced views, and Mr. Hooker and Mr. Saotome can support them, we can choose not to support them. If ASU supports instructors who are so personally limited that they are unable to instruct women, then what is next? They support those who 'don't feel comfortable with Blacks in my class'? Everyone is responsible for their own choices. I choose not to support those who support prejudice. I would encourage others to make similar decisions.
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