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yeah, but if anyone disagrees you'll hit them with so many websites/references they'll be sorry
Not this time. I view warm ups and class formats as personal preferences. How people want to train is fine with pay your money, you make your choice.

The only time I'll start throwin' down on the web sites is when someone says "our class format is the best/is geared for/is optimal for <whatever>" ..... That's another story.
have you and Kevin come up with that fabled ukemi warm-up yet?
Was I suppposed to?

Here's a two minute Warm Up:

1. Pick 4 - 6 bodyweight movements/exercises

2. Have a countdown timer

3. Divide two minutes by the total number

of movements you choose, and work

continously from one exercise to another

for the entire two minutes.

Example: squat thrusts, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, jumping rope

Do each movement for 30 seconds (each person can go as fast or as slow as want, but they must keep moving)

Warm up by:

1. jump rope (or hop in place)

2. jumping jacks

3. mountain climbers

4. squat thrusts

Ukemi/Tumbling Sequence (this is more of a drill to work on body mechanics...aikidoists don't need to be from easy movements to harder continuous in movement, no pausing from one to another)

1. forward roll

2. backward roll

3. forward roll, pivot, backward roll

4. backward roll, pivot, forward roll

5. backward roll, pivot, forward roll, jump

6. backward roll pushing up to handstand

7. cartwheel

8. tripod, push up to headstand, overbalance

to forward roll


you can do partner work too like: wheelbarrows, piggyback carry, bear crawl dragging partner, etc....

when waiting for your turn for the next sequence, hop or jog in place

Anyway, these are just ideas. Change, combine, discard and explore.


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