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malc anderson
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Hi ya Josh, O'sensei must have used the word bridge many times in his life but I'm just wandering whether in this instance he may have been using it in a spiritual context? as Chris has mentioned. Like in this quote from northern India of about 600yrs BC, ‘There is a bridge between time and eternity, and this bridge is the spirit of man. Neither day nor night cross that bridge, nor old age, nor death nor sorrow. Evil or sin cannot cross that bridge, because the world of the spirit is pure. To one who goes over that bridge, the night becomes like unto day; because in the worlds of spirit there is a light which is ever lasting‘. malc

‘We can say that Aikido is a way to sweep away devils with the sincerity of our breath instead of a sword. That is to say, to turn the devil-minded world into the World of Spirit. This is the mission of Aikido,'
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