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Ian Hurst (happysod) wrote:
PeterR, I'm sure you're the model of tact and diplomacy on e-budo (and how painful is being ganned likely to be? ).
I've heard that ganning came be excruciating - what they do in Singapore is for wimps. Note to self: use that spell checker.
Yes, I warm up when doing whatever I dress up stupidly to do, but I wish I'd read the other responses first as I didn't add ukemi as part of the warm-up. Amazing how people's interpretations differ...
As I indicated in my post I'm not sure drills, including ukemi and the various undo, could be considered warm-up although they serve the same function. The drills really are skill development and often we will interject them between techniques just to get the blood racing a little bit. We want to stay warm for the randori at the end of class.

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