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15-20 minutes of warm-ups followed by about 20 minutes of drills which I suppose can also be considered warm-ups.

Tom Cox (TomCat) wrote:
I always figure that if I ever need to use (physical) Aikido, I won't have the opportunity to warm up. For this reason, I rarely do warm-ups though most of the class does.
I assume that you don't mean you stand around while the rest of the class goes through the paces.

I first heard your reasoning back in my Nippon Kenpo days and on the outside it makes some sort of sense. It did to me at the time. However, it is wrong.

First of all there is no evidence that warming-up decreases your ability to respond when the brown stuff hits the fan and your body is cold. Lots of anecdotal evidence otherwise.

In fact, your warm-up can effect parts of your body that normal training would not and hence increase their ability to respond.

A properly designed warm-up reduces those little unseen injuries that accumulate from practice. Less of those is good especially if Bubba and the boys want to use you as a basketball.

Peter Rehse Shodokan Aikido
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