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Jesse Pasley wrote:
My teachers are good, but they are human, not make believe creatures that hide their lucky charms at the end of rainbows.
I'll have you know that one of your teachers is a leprechaun with a glandular disorder.
Mark Dobro wrote:
"Getting the techniques right" - how do you know you are getting them right? Because they work! Proof!

To be honest, faith is an excuse for either not trying to find the proof or blocking others from trying to find the proof. A la the church, which used faith to control the people.

Faith can be very dangerous!!!
The responses of both you and Jesse struck a chord and, minor differences aside, are essentially the same. I found myself nodding vigorously and then I read Jun's post regarding confidence.

I guess faith is not so bad after all.

BUT ....

Faith/confidence in your own abilities comes with experience. I would even say that some people are just naturally more confident in themselves and get past that waffle stage quicker. The proverbial Shihan passed through long before.

We also have faith/confidence in our teachers and training partners - but as Jesse pointed out that too comes from experience.

Damm you Jun for confusing the question with etymological derivations.

I'll think I'll go back to the Jesse/Mark concept of faith being belief without proof. In that regard it has no place in Aikido.

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