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Cool to Akiyama-san


On my previous post with the right? WRONG!!, I was kind of talking to myself (bad habit) and using that to provide a case scenario, very similar to the scenario presented by Hooker Sensei at a seminar. I had in fact heard that Dennis Hooker Sensei studied other martial arts. Similarly, so did my first sensei, Dan Evans Sensei. Every now and then I think Evans Sensei would throw a little Karate or Jiujutsu into the mix just to keep us off our toes and on our butts (hahaha). It just seems to me that most other forms of budo have some kind of competitive structure making them more like "sports" and a little less like "ways". I love sports, nature, most people, food, alcoholic beverages, nicotine, faithful sexual behaviour, spelling like I'm British, and I love the Way of love (aikido). I hope I didn't get too sentimental on y'all 8).


hara-kiri for the fear-mongers,
sushi-waza for the peace-makers.

--The great dream shared among my friends--

--Please see [u]Aikido and the Harmony of Nature[u] [i]illustration:[i] p. 125. Mitsugi-san, I taught you aikido in my former life, and no
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