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[quote="Peter A Goldsbury (Peter Goldsbury)"]Yes. If you use a judo-style obi, then there are these other possibilities. As I stated in my earlier posts, students favour tucking the top of the hakama (including himo, of course) inside and below the obi. If you do this, you have the choice of tying the himo inside or outside the hakama, usually at the front.

Not that it should matter, but when I use to tie my hakama this way, it gapped on the sides and I did not like that look. Then I saw a few Shihan with very neat looking hakamas and started to notice that many of them do not tuck the front of the hakama, but pull it just above the obi knot and tie it around from there. BuJin's extended front panel helps with the gapping, but the extension is too much. Do you know how any of the other Shihans tie theirs?

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